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CP44 - A Multi-Network, Nationwide Survey of EHR Satisfaction in CHC Users

‐ Aug 18, 2021 11:43pm

CP44 - A Multi-Network, Nationwide Survey of EHR Satisfaction in CHC Users

Poster Type: Innovation

Category: Workforce

Issue or Challenge: The Arch Collaborative is an initiative by KLAS, a healthcare information technology (IT) research company, to gather insights on electronic health record (EHR) satisfaction through a nationwide survey of providers. Until now, the survey has focused on academic and private medical centers. AllianceChicago, a health center controlled network (HCCN), partnered with six other HCCNs to distribute the survey nationwide to gain insight into CHC EHR user satisfaction. In total, 126 of the 148 invited health centers used the survey and received 3,517 responses that will inform intervention strategies to improve EHR user satisfaction and address provider burden.

Description of Innovation: The Arch Collaborative survey has provided KLAS and medical institutions with a wealth of knowledge on EHR satisfaction. Because the survey has been given to providers who use a variety of EHR systems in academic and private medical centers, KLAS has distilled the responses into common elements that are associated with EHR satisfaction regardless of software brand. Before now, this survey had not been deployed to CHC providers, and the user habits of the CHC community were unknown. Our project aimed to fill that gap by partnering with other HCCNs across the country to deploy the survey to our respective network of health centers with a result of 126C HCs using the survey for a total of 3,517 responses from their clinical staff. AllianceChicago and its six partner HCCNs now have a robust data set of EHR usage and satisfaction rates that focus specifically on the unique needs of CHC users. This data will be used to inform EHR satisfaction interventions specifically for CHC users, to fulfil the HCCN grant goal of optimizing the provider experience and promoting joy in work while reducing provider burnout.

Impact or Result: This project was the result of a collaboration between seven HCCNs to reach a scale of CHCs larger than many other previous projects or initiatives. Concordantly, there is now a collaborative reaching 126 CHCs around the country focusing on the specific EHR needs of their providers. Each HCCN received data for their own network CHCs; the collaborative is currently in the process of compiling data from each of the seven HCCNs to analyze any larger trends that may be occurring across CHCs.

Replicating this Innovation: Each of the seven HCCNs involved in this project received their own data after the survey deployment; however, we are now discussing a plan to integrate all our data into a much larger data set to get nationwide insights on EHR use and satisfaction in CHCs. Eight additional HCCNs across the country expressed interested in joining the second iteration of our survey this coming year or are making plans to replicate the survey within their own network. All were open to and interested in exploring the idea of pooling the data set to contribute towards stronger CHC-to-CHC benchmarking.


Rebecca Silverman, MPH, Quality Improvement Advisor, AllianceChicago