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In-House 340B Pharmacy: A Strategy for Financial and Clinical Excellence

‐ Nov 3, 2016 4:30pm

Credits: None available.

The 340B Drug Discount Program provides an excellent opportunity for health centers to improve access to affordable prescription medication for their patients. Of the three basic models for implementing 340B pharmacy services, the community health center owned and operated "in-house" model offers the best opportunity to integrate clinical pharmacy into the primary care medical home model, with the added benefit of a positive financial impact for the health center. An added value of the in-house pharmacy model is flexibility in serving health center patients and control of the compliance framework. Despite these attributes, many health centers hesitate to consider implementing in-house pharmacy due to concerns about investment, planning, and operational challenges. This program will detail the value of an in-house pharmacy, provide a comprehensive guide to planning and implementing an in-house pharmacy including guidelines for space, equipment and staffing, and discuss strategies for operational success including clinical integration and the impact on patient outcomes. Woven throughout this session will be real-life health center examples.
  • Evaluate the financial contribution and added value of in-house 340B pharmacy services.
  • Develop a strategic and operational plan for implementing and operating an in-house 340B pharmacy.
  • Understand the infrastructure and compliance framework necessary for operating an in-house 340B pharmacy.



Credits: None available.