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Innovative Responses to Social Determinant of Health Needs Identified by PRAPARE - YOUNG PROFESSIONAL TRACK

‐ Mar 16, 2018 2:00pm

This session will highlight innovative ways to respond to social determinant of health needs, identified by PRAPARE, across three different health centers. Health centers are located in different situational environments ranging from communities with limited social services to communities with integrated clinical and non-clinical partnerships; yet, they have all been able to respond to social determinant of health needs with creative solutions. Interventions will cover transportation needs, housing needs, food insecurity needs, needs related to reentry into society after being recently incarcerated, and material security needs. Health center executives will detail how they worked with other organizations to provide these services, what it took to get these services in place, and how these integrated services lead to improved outcomes and reduced costs in value-based pay environments.