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Leaping Forward to New Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence at GLFHC

‐ Nov 3, 2016 4:30pm

Credits: None available.

The chief information and chief quality officers of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center (GLFHC) will describe the evolution of GLFHC's Business Intelligence (BI). As co-directors of this project, they will present an overview of many years and iterations of progress toward a comprehensive approach to BI, culminating in 2015 with the selection of a new vendor (Information Builders, Inc.) and Phase I of technological development through June 2016. (Information Builders, Inc. granted permission to the presenters for the use of their name in this presentation.)_x000D_
The BI development decision-making process will be outlined, with focus on the following: (1) building consensus among members of the senior management team; (2) seeking external support for the initial investment into the program; (3) determining requirements; (4) vendor assessment planning and implementation; and (5) consultant assessment and contracting. Examples of the Phase I deliverables will include: (1) selected specifications of the data warehouse contents; (2) initial dashboard reports including drill downs; (3) dashboards and innovations in delivery of dashboard information; (4) training options and expectations; and (5) plans for Phase II and further development of BI capacity. The session format will be peer-to-peer discussion in order to intersperse presented content with questions, comments, and dialogue.
  • Identify GLFHC's lessons related to developing stakeholder consensus.
  • Discuss GLFHC's elevated capacity for data mapping and integration of multiple databases into a BI system.
  • Identify new innovations possible through GLFHC's BI vendor such as the user-focus capacity to drill down and manipulate data behind a dashboard from an email, while not connected to the BI system.



Credits: None available.