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HTuA1 - HTuA1 Education Session #3: Brave New World: Empowering and Transforming Health Centers to Grow Their Own

‐ Nov 17, 2020 2:15pm

The health inequities and vulnerabilities exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and coupled with historic unemployment rates and looming homelessness underscores the need for a health center workforce that is more prepared than ever to deliver high-quality, patient-centered, comprehensive care to an increasing number of medically underserved individuals with complex health conditions. Where will health centers find and recruit the workforce to serve this expanding need? How will they ensure that the proper training and education to address social determinants of health is implemented? The recently funded Health Professions Education & Training (HP-ET) Initiative presents an opportunity to address the workforce needs of health centers well into the future. What roles should PCAs, HCCNs, and NTTAPs play to advance this initiative? Which workforce strategies support the workforce to meet the needs of the populations served by health centers? What resources are available and how can they be applied? How does your strategy fit into your organization’s recommitment to social and racial justice? Join this discussion to examine and reflect upon how health centers can use a variety of resources to enhance their workforce strategies to grow toward a diverse workforce that is representative of the populations that they serve.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe best practices for PCAs and HCCNs to support health centers’ readiness to engage in health professions training.
  • Identify resources to assist health centers’ development of workforce strategies.
  • Know how to apply these resources to recruit, retain, and nurture a diverse workforce representative of the populations served.