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HMA2 - HMA2 Education Session #2: Evolving Roles of PCAs and HCCNs

‐ Nov 16, 2020 5:20pm

Explore the unique value in community systems of care during a discussion about evolving and emerging roles of PCAs and HCCNs in non-traditional partnerships, health advocacy, and capacity building. During this session, PCAs and HCCNs will discuss how relationships at the local, state and national levels have been strengthened and new ones created, identify new ways to access critical resources as care changes, and how data and information is leveraged to understand and support key initiatives and implications on policy and operations both short and long-term. Join the discussion with each PCA or HCCN to hear more about their experiences, key information used in each approach, and discuss ways needed to keep the momentum moving forward.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize ways to approach and develop new and non-traditional partnerships and continue to strengthen relationships at the local, state, and national level through the pandemic and beyond;
  • Demonstrate to the audience key foundational items needed when developing a new partnership model and resources;
  • Examine an organization’s clinical information network (CIN) and the paths being taken toward quality outcomes and value-based contracting models.