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IWB4 - A Partnership Between Two States and Several FQHCs to Address Workforce Shortages and Improve Health Outcomes

‐ Oct 21, 2020 3:30pm

The dearth of physicians in underserved communities widens health disparities. The California Oregon Medical Partnership to Address Rural Disparities in Education and Health (COMPADRE), a robust collaboration between UC Davis School of Medicine, Oregon Health and Science University and 32 residency programs, aims to transform the workforce by better selecting and training physicians for practice in rural and underserved communities. This unique partnership between community health centers, academic institutions, and hospital systems will allow students to train in their future clinical practice environments throughout medical school and residency, participating in a curriculum that includes health systems science, novel competencies for practice in under-resourced communities, and wellness activities to promote meaning and joy in practice. In this interactive session, representatives from academic institutions and a community health center will describe how your organization can develop robust partnerships to create a workforce that is prepared, more equitably distributed and more deeply connected to underserved communities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss best practices for developing underserved care curricula and training programs.
  • Consider how to develop strategic partnerships with academic institutions and community health centers to meet regional health workforce needs.
  • Become familiar with emerging competencies for practice in under-resourced communities.