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IWA2 - Revenue Cycle Management During and After COVID-19

‐ Oct 21, 2020 12:00pm

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed lives and work forever. Remote staff management, demand for telehealth, elevated levels of “free” testing for all (regardless of insured coverage), care rendered virtually across state lines, and with so many newly unemployed… expanded Medicaid enrollment. Remotely evaluating staff and team building, mastering telehealth (billing and documentation), understanding enrollment/credentialing for virtual care rendered across state lines, and assuring “front desk” (virtual or in person) are verifying Medicaid eligibility status, etc. These are just a few areas of focus in the COVID world of health center RCM. Attend this session to elevate awareness of potential liabilities and learn opportunities to find success in our “new normal.” Learn what remote management tools exist to keep your RCM team on task. Hear suggestions for optimizing telehealth income and address potential liabilities around rendering virtual care (e.g., provider licensure, payer enrollment, consent, and the myriad of coding options).

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn strategies for remotely and optimally managing staff.
  • Understand which telehealth policies are permanently changed and federal updates regarding care rendered “across state lines.”
  • Elevate learning to stem HIPAA violation potential from RCM team managing PHI remotely.