Leading Curiosity, Creativity and Innovation

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Today's health centers need leaders who can handle any situation that comes their way. The ability to influence, communicate and make thoughtful effective decisions to support their teams are key attributes every leader must possess. New managers and supervisors and emerging leaders face the most difficult challenge by learning to do this while managing a new workload and focusing on health centers' most precious resource: their people. These micro-learning modules address how to create a culture ripe for creativity and innovation.

As a highly motivated and energetic speaker, Ray Santerini has touched the lives of thousands of people by helping them discover practical avenues for professional growth. His extensive background as a business leader and manager, certified fitness specialist, and accomplished trainer and speaker, equip Ray to present dynamic and enriching programs. Ray enjoys empowering participants to uncover their potential and make a positive change within their self by propelling them into action. Ray has designed training workshops, keynote speeches and consulting services for organizations such as Capital One, Johns Hopkins University, Delta Airlines, Temple University, the FBI and now NACHC.

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Ray Santerini Bio

This self-paced lesson was developed through a Johnson & Johnson Foundation grant as part of the “Our Race to Health Equity” initiative, and is based on the NACHC/Skill Path webinar of the same name which took place in Fall 2020.