Tom_Van Coverden

Tom Van Coverden

Chief Executive Officer, NACHC

Tom Van Coverden is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). In a 40+ year tenure, he is credited with building a strong and effective organization which has become a powerful force transforming the ideas of nonprofit community health providers into a compelling vision for improving the nation’s health.

Community Health Centers, today, are the largest primary care health system in the nation. They have become an integral part of the nation’s health delivery system bringing doctors and needed health facilities into medically underserved urban and rural communities. Health Centers and their innovative programs in primary care and prevention serve 29 million people. They include low-income families, the uninsured as well as broad segments of the population in need of a primary care medical home and accessible and affordable health care.

Serving at the helm of NACHC, Tom Van Coverden has enhanced the stature and visibility of health centers. In the turbulence of a changing health world, his leadership and strategic focus have enabled health centers to meet challenge, strengthen resources and build public support for an aggressive agenda for growth and development. He is recognized as one of the nation’s most ardent spokesman and advocate for the community-owed and directed health center model of care – believing passionately in its potential to expand health care access and improve the quality of life in America’s diverse communities.

Over the years Tom Van Coverden has worked to broaden partnership with health providers, lawmakers, businesses, foundations, academic institutions, and community activists. He has contributed widely to numerous commissions and high-level task forces bringing state and national focus to community health problems and issues. His persuasive personality continues to generate support and investment in the health center program – opening new opportunity for greater service and contribution. Tom brings to the table a wealth of experience in the field of health. Few can match his understanding of the health care environment or his “hands-on” knowledge of the health care industry.

Prior to his service with NACHC, Tom Van Coverden served on Capitol Hill as a health policy advisor and legislative assistant of the late Congressman W. Griffiths (D-MI). He is a graduate of the Detroit Institute of Technology and University of Detroit.