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2017 FOM/IT - eSHOW test collection

IFC1 - Transforming Health Centers Into Innovative Market Leaders: The Results of a Nationwide Survey

‐ Oct 27, 2017 9:30am

In 2016, Sage Growth Partners conducted a groundbreaking survey of community health center CEOs across the country. The 175 respondents provided insights and important baseline metrics on key performance indicators for health centers, including: Leadership, Financial Stability, Competition, Volume to Value, Partnerships, and Marketing. This session will address the key findings of the study. The survey results demonstrate an opportunity for health center leaders to assess their organizations and become more competitive in the private marketplace while staying focused on their mission of serving underserved populations. Learn about highlighted strategies employed by health center leaders to not just be competitive business operators, but true market leaders. As health centers continue to face unprecedented change in their funding and payment models, the pressure to be innovative and to adapt quickly has never been more important.