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2018 Financial, Operations Management / IT Conference

IWA1 - Redesigning Health Center Staffing and Workflows for the Future

‐ Oct 17, 2018 11:00am

Market forces and payment models are forcing CHCs to change the way they operate. This session will cover two key elements of that change – staffing and workflows. We will evaluate the needs – operational, financial and missional. We will then discuss staffing models that address these needs, and redesigning workflows based on the human capital management system (Staff/workforce) that is consistent with Health Center core values, reflective of its mission and strategic goals, clear in its purposes flexible in its implementation. The session will include a case study of a CHC’s human capital alignment and optimization process. The operational goals are, attract, develop and retain a diverse, workforce that is continually learning and expanding its capacity to shape the healthcare future and nurture a culture of integrity and excellence that encourages initiatives and that promote a healthy work-life environment.