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2017 Financial, Operations Management / IT Conference

IThC3 - The Intersection of Finance and Strategy: Forecasting and Re-Budgeting to Manage Uncertainty

Oct 26, 2017 4:00pm ‐ Oct 26, 2017 5:30pm


Health center leadership must be able to analyze and act upon financial information as part of an overall approach to strategic decision-making. This training will focus on the use of forecasting, budgeting, and scenario planning to support leaders in recognizing the underlying economic logic of programs, and adapting quickly to ensure business model sustainability. The presenter will address current regulations and issues that impact health centers. The development and use of internal and external financial reports will be discussed with an emphasis on using financial information in decision-making. Tools and techniques of financial statement analysis, interpretation, and presentation will also be discussed and practiced during the session.

This training is designed to improve financial fluency across agency leadership, including: the practice of critical and analytical thinking; the ability to synthesize and plan; the knowledge of how to evaluate and respond quickly; and the skills to effectively communicate financial data. We will address the real challenges, problems, and opportunities of health centers dealing with and responding to the current economic environment.

  • Develop and use financial forecasting and budgeting tools to support an overall approach to strategic decision-making.
  • Identify techniques to effectively communicate financial information with key decision-makers across your agency.
  • Define the underlying economic logic of your health center business line and use that information to support and sustain a healthy business model for your health center.


  • Brent Copen, CFO and EVP of Business Development, Tiburcio Vasquez Health Center

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