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01:00pm - 02:00pm Eastern - March 16, 2021

PTuA3 - A Year of Opportunities and Challenges: Briefing from the National Association of Medicaid Directors (NAMD)
01:00pm - 02:00pm Eastern - March 16, 2021 | Room: v200 - Nick G
Track: Federal and State Policy Analysis,Advocacy and Mobilization
Credits Available: 1.00 Medical Doctors (CME)  |  1.20 Accountants (CPE)  |  1.00 Social Workers (CE)  |  1.00 Other (CEU)  |  0.00 None
In 2019, NAMD and NACHC convened a workgroup of eight State Medicaid Directors and State PCA leaders to systematically explore priority areas and identify opportunities for collaboration at the national and state levels. Through quarterly meetings and other engagements, this workgroup has held discussion on COVID-19 and childhood vaccine challenges, state telehealth policies, the state Medicaid budget landscape, value-based payment and quality of care/clinical measures, among others. Looking ahead in 2021, the state Medicaid environment will face immense opportunities and challenges due to the pandemic, the new presidential administration, and state budget pressures. This session will include a briefing from NAMD staff on the current environment, a joint workgroup briefing, and related discussion from a PCA leader and their respective State Medicaid Director.

  • Hear information on current state Medicaid landscape, including key priorities and challenges in red, blue and purple states.
  • Learn about ongoing work of the NAMD/NACHC workgroup over the past 18 months.
  • Identify key issues for ongoing NAMD/NACHC collaboration.
PTuB3 - A Movement Not a Moment: Strengthening the Capacity of Grassroots Advocates
01:00pm - 02:00pm Eastern - March 16, 2021 | Room: v100 - John W
Seth Turner, Speaker
Track: Advocacy and Mobilization
Credits Available: 1.20 Accountants (CPE)  |  1.00 Social Workers (CE)  |  1.00 Other (CEU)  |  0.00 None
Congressional Management Foundation research shows that grasstops advocates (sometimes referred to as "key contacts" or "ambassadors") have a great deal of influence on their policymakers' decisions. A majority of congressional staff in a CMF survey showed "less than 10 emails" would get their attention if they were sent by someone who claimed to represent more constituents (connected to a nonprofit, association, or company in the district/state). While being an ambassador has its advantages, consistently engaging policymakers can be difficult to fit into a grasstops advocate's already busy life. This presentation will teach local advocacy leaders the skills needed for any advocacy operation to be effective; how to find community allies to help advance policy priorities; strategies for mapping connections to policymakers within their personal and professional networks; and how to adjust communications to resonate with any public official.

  • Learn strategies to adjust communications to resonate with any public official.
  • Learn how to grow your network of community allies to help advance policy priorities.
  • Learn strategies for mapping connections to policymakers within personal and professional networks.
PTuC3 - Provider Relief Funds and Cares Act Grants, What we know now about Compliance
01:00pm - 02:00pm Eastern - March 16, 2021 | Room: v600 - Matt N
Track: Health Center Essentials
Credits Available: 1.00 Medical Doctors (CME)  |  1.20 Accountants (CPE)  |  1.00 Social Workers (CE)  |  1.00 Other (CEU)  |  0.00 None
COVID-19 has resulted in additional funding for Health Centers. As frequently happens with new federal funding, the compliance environment evolves with the latest frequently asked question (FAQ) updates, new reporting guidelines, and documentation standards. While the environment is changing, that does not mean Health Centers can wait passively for a perfect future date to begin taking compliance seriously. In this session, we will provide an update on the current grant management environment. We will share what we know, what we do not know and provide insight into how the compliance environment is evolving. We can be certain that things will continue to change, but this session will provide confirmation for some, ideas for many, and motivation for others. Compliance is a required part of this funding, and ignorance is not an excuse that the Office of Inspector General (OIG) accepts. We are entering the phase of accountability for this funding, and we want you to be prepared.

  • Update attendees on key COVID-19 related funding streams compliance requirements
  • Address high risk compliance elements associated with the additional COVID-19 funding.
  • Provide a summary on the updates to the Uniform Grant Guidance regulations that serve as the basis for Federal grants management best practices and recommendations for improving the COVID-19 funding compliance for your Health Center.
PGS2 - Closing General Session: Federal Update
02:30pm - 04:30pm Eastern - March 16, 2021 | Room: v400 - Ryan R
Track: Federal and State Policy Analysis
Credits Available: 2.00 Medical Doctors (CME)  |  2.40 Accountants (CPE)  |  2.00 Social Workers (CE)  |  2.00 Other (CEU)  |  0.00 None
Maurice Denis, Associate Vice President, Membership and Marketing, NACHC, Master of Ceremonies We convene to assess our progress and look to the future. NACHC enjoys strong partnerships throughout the federal government which has helped guide the growth and development of the health center program over many years. This year, that partnership has been invaluable, as together we have carried forward a national response to the COVID crisis. Join us as we hear from key federal partners who will discuss priorities going forward.

  • Understand HRSA’s priorities for the coming year.
  • Describe emerging issues in response to the COVID crisis.
  • Understand key federal partnerships with NACHC in the health center program.
PCAGS - PCA and HCCN General Session - **Invitation Only**
12:00pm - 04:00pm Eastern - March 18, 2021 | Room: v 700 - Ryan & Lawrence
Credits Available: 0.00 None
I. 12:00–12:10PM: General Session Opening and Welcome II. 12:10–12:35PM: NACHC Regional Strategic Meetings Update III. 12:40–1:45PM: Crafting Stories to Win Hearts, Minds, and VOTES of Lawmakers IV. 1:45–2:00PM: BREAK  V. 2:00–3:15PM: Conversations with Public Policy and Research Team VI. 3:15–3:25PM: BREAK VII. 3:25–3:55PM: PCA and HCCN Leadership Chairs VIII. 3:55-4:00PM Wrap-up/Closing