Virginia Mason Institute is a mission-driven nonprofit that partners with healthcare organizations and executive teams worldwide to develop and adopt a patient-centered management system to dramatically improve quality, safety and efficiency – with the goal of enabling and supporting a sustainable culture of continuous improvement. Our experts have extensive healthcare leadership experience and are experts in our proven method. They can help organizations dramatically elevate the patient experience, eliminate waste and sustain excellence long-term.

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36-Clinic FQHC Saves $600K Annually Improving Patient Flow
Learn how we partnered with an organization to improve the flow of their patient care, resulting in big savings.
Advanced Process Improvement Training
Join us for a hands on, virtual experience to learn how to apply and coach others in improvement work.
Improving Through Crisis: Deploying Improvement Teams When It Matters Most
Read how our partner leveraged our method and their improvement teams to meet COVID-19 challenges head on.
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Driving Strategic Priorities While Responding to the Global Pandemic

Join our expert Chris Backous for a 10 minute talk on August 31, 2020 at 12:35 PM Pacific to hear how you can assure high-quality, safe patient care in the COVID-19 era and beyond