Financial Operations Management
National Training Workshop
Level 1 (FOM 1)

NACHC is pleased to offer Health Center Financial/Operations Management National Training Workshops.

The FOM training series offers basic, intermediate and advanced level training to suit the needs of today’s health center leaders. Each level features a training curriculum designed with the innovative knowledge, tools and best practices required to meet the specific and unique challenges of operating a health center. Although it is not required to attend the series in order, each training curriculum is designed to build on the other.

FOM 1 is designed to provide new as well as established CEOs, CFOs, COOs, Controllers, Finance Managers, and accountants with an in-depth understanding of grants management, budgeting, profitability, and Medicare cost reporting.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this two-day training, participants will be able to:

> Distinguish between approaches to appropriate operational budget development.

> Describe the key drivers of profitability.

> Identify the critical elements to complete an accurate Medicare Cost Report.


Jeff Allen, Partner, BKD LLP
Curt Degenfelder
, Curt Degenfelder Consulting, Inc.
David Fields, Partner, BKD LLP
Catherine Gilpin, CPA
, Director, BKD LLP