Financial Operations Management, Level II (FOM2)

NACHC is pleased to offer Health Center Financial Operations Management Seminars.

There are three levels of Health Center Financial Management Operation Management Seminars. Each level focuses on different topics that will help health center finance and operations staff understand and meet the unique challenges of operating a health center. 

The FOM2 seminar provides health centers insight and understanding of the core qualities needed to approach the business aspects of financial operations, management, and service delivery. Level I is not required to attend this training. 

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this two-day training, the participants will be able to:

  • Review the key business aspects of efficient health center financial operations.
  • Discover approaches for favorable contract negotiations with managed care organizations. 
  • Develop and implement an impactful operations assessment.
  • Leverage technology to produce quality data that leads to informed decision-making.


Jeff Allen, Partner, BKD Springfield, MO
Curt Degenfelder, President, Curt Degenfelder Consulting, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Jennifer Nolty, Director, PCA and Network Relations, NACHC, Bethesda, MD
Sherry Giles, MSM, Cert. PM, Program Specialist, NACHC, Bethesda, MD
Les Perkins, Consultant, Perkins Solutions Sumter, SC
Catherine Gilpin, Director, BKD