Imagine what could happen if we harnessed the energy, insights, and experienceof our health center leaders: emerging, seasoned, or not yet realized. What if we could come together and speak instead of being talked at, share with instead of compete against, be impactful instead of reactionary; imagine the kind of change we could create in the improved health outcomes of our communities byadvancing our organizations leadership skills.

Core leadership skills are required for every role and position in a health center - come join us and enhance your skills in a high energy environment where you will learn how to improve communication, influence organizational culture, and build a team...all while boosting your professional health center network.

NACHC's new Leadership LIVE! learning event is intended for emerging and experienced leaders alike. The core design is for health center leaders to learn from and engage withhealth center peers. Here's what we've heard from past NACHC training participants:

“I now have access to a national "think tank" that will help support me support thehealth center”

“the peer networking/info exchange is an immediate benefit to all of us!”

Health centers can use this learning event as an organizational team building opportunity to build team trust, communication, and performance!