Data Dashboards for Decision-Making

Jun 13, 2023 12:00am ‐ Jun 13, 2023 12:00am

Identification: OT_3

This session will focus on how dashboards can be utilized to assist leadership in critical decision-making and strategy. Meaningful use of data dashboards is important for operations leaders to articulate needed transformation in health centers. This session will provide best practices for using meaningful data to facilitate conversations with leadership regarding transformative patient care.

Understanding Your Operations: A look at Managing Provider Panels, Access, and Patient Retention

Jun 13, 2023 12:00am ‐ Jun 13, 2023 12:00am

Identification: OT_4

Provider panel volumes, patient access, and overall patient retention are all factors that health centers leaders must consider when understanding the overall operational needs of their health center. This session will explore a defined set of measures that can exchange anecdotal insights for defined key performance indicators regarding new patient access, patient retention, and other factors to maximize your health center’s productivity.

Welcome and Introduction to Elevating Health Center Operations12

Jun 13, 2023 12:00am ‐ Jun 13, 2023 12:00am

Identification: OT_1

This session will welcome participants and introduce the training platform and its interactive features.

Advanced Operational Planning

Jun 13, 2023 12:20pm ‐ Jun 13, 2023 1:30pm

Identification: OT_2

This session will focus on best practices for designing and executing a successful operational plan. Operational plans are tools that guide the organization through the prioritization, allocation, and implementation of resources ensuring progression toward organizational strategic goals. This interactive session will provide participants access to the tools to operationalize population health and patient centered strategies for success.

Health Center Design for the Future

Jun 14, 2023 12:20pm ‐ Jun 14, 2023 1:30pm

Identification: OW_1

This innovative session will focus on evidence-based operations, program planning, sustainable architecture, and transformative redesign principles to build and optimize your health center capital project for the future. Health centers that progress toward gathering places with multi-purpose environments of care will produce meaningful and lasting impacts on the community's overall health. This session will promote forward thinking about ways community health centers can create building spaces that function in all the ways that care is delivered going forward regardless even with budget constraints.

Leveraging Your Needs Assessment for Strategic Planning, Governance, Service Delivery, and More

Jun 14, 2023 1:45pm ‐ Jun 14, 2023 3:00pm

Identification: OW_2

Health center’s needs assessments are a valuable opportunity to connect the needs of your community to your health center’s larger strategy, governance, and operational decisions. Leveraging the needs assessment process for these important purposes will help engage the board of directors and increase collaboration throughout the needs assessment process. This session will explore how to incorporate your needs assessment into strategic planning, service line or site expansion decisions, and promote conversations with funders, partners, and the broader community.

Service Line Integration and Diversification for Health Centers

Jun 14, 2023 3:15pm ‐ Jun 14, 2023 4:30pm

Identification: OW_3

As health centers move towards transformative care to ensure financial viability, exploring service line integration and diversification is one way to generate revenue. This session will review the guidelines that Health Resources and Services & Services Administration (HRSA) has for developing "other lines of business,” and discuss considerations regarding revenue generation.


Jun 14, 2023 4:30pm ‐ Jun 14, 2023 5:00pm

Identification: OW_4