Steve Wiley

President, CEEK LLC

Steve Wiley is an ICF certified executive coach, President of CEEK LLC, and Chairman of the Raleigh/Durham Chapter of the Culture Collective. He founded CEEK with the mission to help organizations redefine and pursue wellness or as Steve likes to say, “rid the world of zombies in the workforce.” Prior to starting CEEK, Steve was an Account Manager at SRA International, responsible for growth, execution, and staff development associated with $80M of annual business and approximately 400 employees. Steve holds a bachelor’s degree in Business from the College of William and Mary where he learned many of his leadership and culture lessons as a member of the varsity football team. He later earned a master’s degree in Engineering Management from George Washington University. He is a frequent guest speaker at conferences, corporate events, and Vistage meetings with special emphasis on organizational wellness, culture, integrity, perspective, and life balance. His book, Navigate Chaos, was a number one best-seller on Amazon.