Ray Jorgensen MS

Consultant, Ray Jorgensen Consulting, LLC

Ray Jorgensen is a serial entrepreneur and national healthcare reimbursement professional. Since earning his CPC in 1996, Ray has spent 25+ years as a nationally prominent speaker and consultant. His motivational style and unique perspective afford audiences unusual and thought-provoking insight around healthcare financial issues. Having personally trained thousands of providers and financial/billing professionals in all 50 states on coding, billing, and reimbursement, he has also authored several books and dozens of articles. Early in his career, Ray worked at Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts and United HealthCare in hospital claims, customer service, provider relations and contracting. After a Dec 2020 exit rom PMG RCM & RevenueHealth, Ray retains equity positions in PMG Credentialing, Patient360 (a Medicare Quality Payment Program registry), and Kore Compliance (a cannabis dispensary e-commerce platform). Ray is an avid golfer, fitness enthusiast, and full-time RVer who loves spending time with his award-winning author wife (www.TabithaLordAuthor.com) and his four beautiful kids.