Pete Fronte MBA

President and CEO, Altura Strategies, LLC

Pete Fronte, MBA is President/CEO of Altura. During the past 30 years Mr. Fronte has been a leader in developing technology and services to optimize health engagement via preventive care programs and clinical studies. Mr. Fronte has been a catalyst for developing innovative services and technology to impact health equity and culturally competent healthcare. This effort has included expanding clinical study participation for patients and health care providers (HCPs), as well as building quality-based research centers within health systems and community health centers (CHCs). His expertise includes building programs and studies that address health equity by improving engagement of minority patients for preventive care programs and health studies of all types. Today, he continues to spearhead new programs related to preventive care for high-acuity patients, as well as expanding access to clinical studies of all types into the primary care and CHC settings. This includes innovative technology such as Altura's HCP Studies™ research engagement platform (available in 23 countries) and the UpRight™ mobility and fall prevention program for older adults.