Michele Whitt MD, MS, MBA, FACOG

Medical Informaticist, OCHIN

Dr. Michele Whitt is an OB/GYN physician specializing in healthcare information systems and technology with OCHIN, a nonprofit health innovation center with a focus on the safety net with members nationwide. Dr. Whitt brings experience from many clinical environments-- rural, tertiary care, and private practice-- which she uses to inform clinically relevant enhancements in obstetrical care and reproductive health. In her capacity as an informaticist she contributed to design of a new ultrasound navigator, OB dashboard, postnatal navigation, and many SmartSets. Through OCHIN’s work with NACHC (National Association of Community Health Centers), she has worked with OCHIN members in the development of quality improvement projects around postpartum care. She sits on many committees representing OCHIN’s varied interest in obstetric care, health equity, and interoperability. She attended Indiana University School of Medicine and IUPUI School of Informatics and Computing..


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