Kateryna Petriyenko

Director, Human Resources Department, Hawaii Island Community Health Center

Kateryna Petriyenko, Hawaii Island Community Health Center (HICHC) Human Resources Director, has been with HICHC since 2020, joining the team during the height of the COVID pandemic. Kateryna earned her bachelor’s degree in Management and Leadership from Portland State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Liberal Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Harvard University. Kateryna has worked in healthcare since 2010, holding leadership positions at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon and at the Life Care Centers of America in Kona, HI. Kateryna is passionate about educating and supporting organizational leaders in transformational leadership by developing unbiased perspectives and practices in healthcare management. Her passion is for shaping solid organizational culture through a multi-tiered approach, including leadership, implementing effective employee engagement programs, human capital counseling and legal and advisory services. Kateryna is committed to contributing to the growth and excellence of HICHC as the organization moves into the future and new opportunities.