Jessica_Henderson Boyd

Jessica Henderson Boyd MD, MPH

President and CEO, Unity Health Care

Dr. Jessica Henderson Boyd is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Unity Health Care. She has a wealth of leadership experience in the delivery of health care to medically underserved communities. Prior to joining Unity as its Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Boyd served as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. and medical strategist at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She also previously served as CMO at, a large FQHC in Baltimore, Maryland and is a practicing pediatrician. Dr. Boyd received her M.P.H from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of public health, her M.D. and M.A. from Washington University School of Medicine, and her B.A. from Harvard University. Unity Health Care is the largest network of community health centers in Washington, D.C providing care to approximately 90,000 patients through over 400,000 visits annually. Deeply rooted in the District’s neighborhoods for more than 35 years, Unity strives to reach people wherever they are to provide compassionate, comprehensive, high-quality health care that is accessible to all and advances health equity in Washington, DC.