Jerry Isikoff PhD

Chief Executive Officer, IWS Family Health

Dr. Jerry Isikoff has a background in clinical psychology that includes more than four decades of providing and advocating for mental health services to children and adults. He received his PH.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology. He is a senior-level executive with expertise in non-profit developments, strategic planning, successful multi-disciplinary team management, and project delivery. In the 1980s, he created the 1-800 number for Humana, which assisted in decreasing patient complaints and increased access to triage, demonstrating his passion for creating positive customer experience while serving cultural and linguistically diverse populations. Dr. Isikoff began his formal appointment as Chief Executive Officer in 2018having previously served as COO, where he brought about many integral enhancements that have added to the organization’s longstanding history. Dr. Isikoff has an exceptional ability to foster a cohesive work environment, interface with public agencies, and liaise with key stakeholders. He has displayed an unwavering commitment to the community and continues to lead IWS Family Health into the future.