Chris Conley MS

Consultant, Center for Care Innovations

Chris is a pioneer in the application of human-centered-design (HCD) and creativity in business. He helped build the first graduate program in HCD and continues to teach the core mindsets, principles, and methods in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. Chris founded the innovation firm, gravitytank, known for its unique way of working and internal culture. Before gravitytank was acquired, Chris advised Fortune 500 and philanthropic leaders looking to make their own organization’s more effective. He has worked with teams and leaders from organizations such as the Kellogg Foundation, the Gates Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the California Healthcare Foundation, and others. He is a former tenured professor of design and innovation at the Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design. Currently, he is the founder of Abundant Professional, a platform where he teaches and mentors professionals to be more creative, engaged, and impactful in their work.