Anna Brittain MHS

Scientist, Fertility and Epidemiology Studies Team, Division of Reproductive Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Anna Brittain, MHS, Health Scientist (Fertility and Epidemiology Studies Team, CDC Division of Reproductive Health [DRH]), has authored multiple papers on adolescent sexual and reproductive health and has helped lead multiple adolescent reproductive health projects. Currently, Anna leads the Quality and Access for Reproductive Health Equity for Teens project; prior to this she helped lead the 2015-2020 Teen Access and Quality Initiative, the 2010-2015 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention: Integrating Services, Programs, and Strategies through Communitywide Initiatives, and the Effectiveness of Teen Pregnancy Prevention Programs Designed Specifically for Young Males project. Anna served on the CDC Zika Emergency Response Contraception Access Team, where her work focused on developing a communications campaign in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Anna’s work supported the development of Providing Quality Family Planning Services: Recommendations of CDC and the U.S. Office of Population Affairs. This support included systematic reviews covering youth-friendly family planning services, confidentiality, and repeat teen pregnancy. She’s mom to three teen boys and one dog, Lexi. She loves yoga, dogs, reading, and naps.