Anisa Gonzales

Government Relations & Special Projects Manager, Valle Del Sol

Anisa Gonzales is the Government Relations and Special Projects Manager at Valle del Sol Community Health Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Anisa had a successful career in the business sector when COVID-19 prompted her to make a change. The pandemic highlighted the disparities for those who face socioeconomic challenges and especially members of the Latino Community. Anisa chose to re-enroll at Arizona State University where she will graduate with her BS in Public Service and Public Policy this Spring. She started at Valle del Sol in 2021 with the goal of growing into a position where she can advocate for those whose voices are often suppressed. She is passionate about the work of Community Health Centers and has taken a particular interest in combating the Social Determinants of Health. Anisa is a participating in NACHC Advocacy Leadership Program and is working to make Valle del Sol an Advocacy Center of Excellence.