Ada Torres

Human Resources Director, Salud Integral en la Montaña, Inc.

Ms. Ada T. de Jesús Torres Vázquez, a graduate of the University of Puerto Rico, is a professional in the field of Human Resources with 36 years of experience. Among other competencies, she has excelled in conflict mediation and negotiation of agreements. In addition to serving as Human Resources Director of Salud Integral en la Montaña, she is an Ontological Coach and Organizational Executive Coach certified by the International Coach Federation. As such, she leads the Internal Coaching Program at SIM, which was recognized in November 2019 worldwide with the prestigious Prism Award. She holds certifications such as Certified Customer Service Leader (CCSL), Certified Customer Service Trainer (CCST) and Certified Trainer in The Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Workshop which she has put into practice to create and promote a culture of service in SIM together with other leaders of the organization.