Core Competencies Quick Guide

Core Competencies Quick Guide

Publication Date: December 20, 2022


This quick guide to Competencies is designed for health center staff, leaders, and members of health center governing boards, as well as health center program stakeholders and those seeking to learn the nuances of the FQHC operating environment and model.

This document collects competencies developed by NACHC for Clinical Leaders, CEOs, and CFOs. Some competencies are general in nature, applicable to all, but some are specific to a particular job role. To learn more about the competencies established for each separate role, you can access the NACHC materials here:

• Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Competencies Domains and Skills/Tasks: CEO Core Competencies

• Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Competencies and Professional Development Tool

• Clinical Leadership Core Competencies: Domains, Skills, Tasks

• Primary Care Association (PCA) Chief Executive Officer CEO) Core Competencies