Do School-Based Health Models Expand Your Community Reach? Yes! (5/17/22) (Webinar)

Do School-Based Health Models Expand Your Community Reach? Yes! (5/17/22) (Webinar)


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The National Association of Community Health Centers and the School-Based Health Alliance offered two virtual workshops for health centers on the key elements of providing school-based health care. The workshops included a focus on enhancing school-based partnerships and the unique operational considerations for providing school-based health care. View the recording of the first workshop from 4/28/22 here.

Caring for the school-aged population is critical for community health centers. Expanding school-based health sites and services is a growth and development strategy. Health Center operators must be aware of the unique operational considerations, competencies, and models along a continuum of possible school based or school linked health services, as provided by health centers.

Learning Objectives:

This virtual training workshop will:

  • Explain the difference between a school-run clinic and a FQHC-hosted school-based health center site.
  • Articulate the evidence base for the intersection of education and health in achieving healthy outcomes for school aged population.
  • Identify elements of success and pitfalls to avoid during your SBHC planning process.
  • Explain the challenges and benefits of delivering care at the intersection of education and health.
  • Showcase tools to assist with SBHC planning and start-up.

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