NACHC Briefing: Medicaid Redeterminations and State Activities

NACHC Briefing: Medicaid Redeterminations and State Activities

Publication Date: March 31, 2022

Early in the pandemic, all US states accepted a prohibition on terminating Medicaid enrollment until the end of the PHE, known as the “continuous coverage” requirement in return for increased federal Medicaid matching funds. With the end of the PHE expected at some point this year, the Biden Administration released several resources on CMS Guidance to restore routine enrollment and eligibility while ensuring minimal impact on vulnerable populations. On Monday, March 28, 2022, NACHC hosted a briefing with national Medicaid policy experts as well as Primary Care Association and NACHC staff to discuss the impact and implications related to the end of the federal PHE and related Medicaid redetermination and flexibility processes. Topics included the new CMS guidance on Medicaid redeterminations and renewals and state efforts to keep patients covered by Medicaid and Marketplace plans. The end of the PHE will be the most significant coverage event since the Affordable Care Act passed.


  • Joan Alker and Tricia Brooks, Georgetown Center for Children and Families
  • Jerin Philip and Jeremy Crandall, NACHC
  • Richelle Andrae, Wisconsin Primary Health Care Association
  • ​Shoshana Preuss, Colorado Community Health Network
  • Ted Henson, NACHC

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