Leading with Optimism in Challenging Times (Webinar)

Leading with Optimism in Challenging Times (Webinar)


Many leaders worry, especially during these complex times, that trying to emphasize positivity and happiness will make them look out of touch—and that rather than helping their teams, it will backfire. The great temptation is to wait until the crisis is over and things are “back to normal” before talking about such topics as burnout, moral distress, and moral injury. However, when we have large challenges facing us, both personally and professionally, we need our best brains available to address them. Two decades of research shows that the greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain—especially during crisis and times of suffering. The more positive the brain becomes during challenges, the more capable it is to proactively adapt to changing circumstances and recover from stress, anxiety, and trauma. 

A positive mindset results in 23% greater energy in the midst of stress, 31% higher productivity, 19% higher accuracy, 40% higher likelihood to be promoted, up to 10 times more engaged, and improves our overall longevity. 

In this national webinar you will hear New York Times Best Selling Author, Shawn Achor, talk about his research in positive psychology, Jordan Voigt, president of Genesis Medical Center, Davenport, who will share the story of Genesis Health System, recently featured in Harvard Business Review, and we will explore “what leading with optimism really looks like” in times of significant challenge.

During this webcast, you will learn: 

• Why positivity training and interventions matter and how to successfully embed them in your organization. 

• How to build a collective confidence so that staff teams take ownership over new mindsets, routines, and ways of working. 

• The essential value of joy in work and how to mobilize optimism through supportive networks and team-based learning to accelerate recovery and help people come into psychological and emotional balance. 

NACHC Core Competencies: Resiliency & Joy in Work, Personnel Management & Teamwork

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