Standardized Screening for Veteran Status (Webinar) (05/20/20)

Standardized Screening for Veteran Status (Webinar) (05/20/20)

Publication Date: May 29, 2020


This webinar highlights an Iowa pilot project between a health center, the state Primary Care Association and the local VA Medical Center. A standardized screening intervention was developed and implemented across the health center organization, resulting in a significant increase of identification of military Veterans within the existing patient base. This improved the health center needs assessment effort as well as a more accurate patient characteristic report to UDS.

The highlighted pilot project was published in the Journal of Community Health, October 16, 2019 (online) article The Identification of Military Veterans Upon Implementation of a Standardized Screening Process in Federally Qualified Health Centers by M. Bryant Howren, Debra Kazmerzak, Ronald W. Kemp, Theodore J. Boesen, Gina Capra, Thad E. Abrams.

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