Business Intelligence Interoperability with Payers (Webinar) (May 2018)

Business Intelligence Interoperability with Payers (Webinar) (May 2018)

Publication Date: May 30, 2018


Part one of this webinar series will focus on the opportunity to use two forms of payer data, enrollment and claims, in your health centers overall population health strategy. Most CHCs get invitations from its payers to log into a portal and download enrollment data and perhaps member gap in care information. The challenge is developing and implementing a more centralized strategy to integrate this information from multiple payer sources. The successful integration of this process will avoid staff logging into several systems and try to match up members and patients manually and accurately.

Primary Care Associations, Health Center-Controlled Networks, and other Networks often play a crucial role in convening payers around health centers who represent a significant portion of their market-share. Register today to hear how some CHCs have partnered with its payers to integrate critical data into the business intelligence tool and link it with existing practice management and clinical data. During this webinar, you will learn tips for successful conversations with payers. Learn how this data has enhanced the ability to plan outreach more strategically, improve understanding of care gaps, understand who the highest cost patients are, and proactively use targeted care management and coordination to better meet the needs of the patient population.

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